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On the right hand side, click on DX Nodes. Chose one of the nodes on the list. When MacLoggerDX logs into one of these nodes, you may have register your callsign and name.

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  • Aether - Ham Radio Logging for the Mac.
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I haven't tried this myself, but according to the documentation, it should work. These are my notes, which I'm researching and writing up before I test it out in a live hookup. You can try this at your own risk and let me know the results. I haven't had the opportunity yet to try it first hand, but it looks promising.

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If you work any of the satellites, you should check out MacDoppler. It's very easy to use, and updates your screen with information about the current and upcoming satellite passes. I download my keplerian elements from Celstrak. I found this wiki explaining how to install xastir for Leopard. I haven't installed it yet, so I am unable to report how well it works.

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If you want to subscribe to an email group, you can try out Ham Mac. W1HKJ writes cross-platform software that uses the sound card and a radio to provide transfers of data and messages. Take a look at W1HKJ's web page. Ron Hashiro Get ready today. Be ready tomorrow. This info does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of the products and services below. Enjoy, and feel free to drop me an e-mail if you have any questions.

Why go Mac? March 1, If I have to buy a new computer and buy new software all over again, why not buy it for a robust, solid platform. The user interfaces are simple and clean. You see only what you need to see in order to get things done. While surprising at first, it actually becomes quite welcome and addicting. No more unresponsive windows, especially when browsing the web or composing emails.

I now get annoyed with XP at work when it does that to me several times a day. No more Blue Screen of Death! No more monthly Windows patches!

There's patches for OS X, but not as frequent or intrusive. I get a lot of performance and throughput for a Core 2 Duo processor. My programs start quickly.

Ham Radio LOG (logbook software)

You can start programs such as a web browser before the user interface has fully completed populating the desktop, etc. It gets to that point faster than Windows. It shuts down faster than Windows.

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About 3 seconds, compared to for Windows. Pretty decent battery life. Lasts over 1. The speaker audio on the MacBook is pretty darn good. No need for external speakers. The Mac is more expensive, but it has audio and video software built-in. Has a built-in web cam and microphone. The microphone did such a good job that I didn't need to hook up wires to transfer audio from an audio recorder to the laptop.

I'm impressed, and so's the recipient. I like the way and ease of setting up backups using the built-in Time Machine. Real easy and simple. Once you've set it up, it automatically backs up once an hour -- right out of the box. One click, one move of the mouse, and the ending click.

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Let it run while I read web pages and emails, and I'm done. It auto discovers devices in a very clean user interface. If you're into HF ham radio, you've got to see MacLoggerDX in operation with it's station automation features, including real-time monitoring of the spot reports on the Internet. You can also see a detailed report of your progress towards all your awards.

Easily see who you've worked, which contacts you need QSL cards for, and the contacts you still need to make. Frequency, mode, and power information is automatically read from your rig and is filled in when you log a QSO. If you're switching from another logging application that supports ADIF or Cabrillo most do , you can easily transfer your logs to Aether.

Aether will also export log files in ADIF and Cabrillo format so that they can easily be used with other software and submitted to contest sponsors. Automatic Dupe Checking It's often handy to quickly know if you've worked a station before. When you enter a callsign to log a new QSO, Aether will quickly indicate how many QSOs you've had with this station in the past, and with one click or keystroke you can display only QSOs with this station. Aether also gives you the option to automatically fill in name QTH and other details from the most recent past QSO with a station you've worked before.

Aether can synchronize your log with eQSL. If you're new to Logbook of The World, Aether makes setup a snap. Maps and Distance Aether automatically calculates and displays distance and beam heading to the station you're working. Personally, I transfer all contacts to paper after coming back from field QRP fun. Please visit http: I will happily respond to feedback, entertain feature requests, and answer questions directly, please contact me at the email address listed on n3wg. Please visit www. Field Day Logging Info: Sections logged include: Exporting logs from the Field Day tool is via e-mail in the form of a CSV file that any spreadsheet program can open.

Dup Detection: There is no inter-device dup detection. Dup detection between devices is an exercise left to the exported spreadsheet application of choice. Sections worked are shown vs sections not worked for each zone. While I try my best to ensure this Field Day logger is fault tolerant, I can make no guarantees or warranties. Please test and become familiar with it before using it live during Field Day. Version 5. I've been using HamLog for almost all of my mobile and portable operations for the last three years.


I first downloaded it and used it for field day and it was perfect. An iOS device is perfect as a low power logging computer. Cloudsync works great, the grid square locator has worked flawlessly on three different models of iPhone, and the band plan and wavelength calculator are great tools to have on hand. When I had a question about a feature the author was quick to respond and point me in the right direction.