How to make x bar in word mac

I have the same question Bob Jones AKA: CyberTaz Replied on April 10, Regards, Bob J. Thanks for marking this as the answer. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. How satisfied are you with this response? User Replied on April 10, September You can probably ignore all other solutions and use his. He has a short YouTube video that describes what he does: Click OK and get back to your document. Now, type your letter, followed immediately by the Replace string, then a space. Just brilliant! Note that the macron created using this option is slightly narrower than that created using the built-in accent above , and is closer to the top of the letter.

To use this method, you need to know the character code to create a macron.

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Test these key combinations in your document first to make sure you can create the macron successfully with the keyboard. Posted in Word. Thank you very much. This tutorial has been very helpful to me. After looking for a solution for more than an hour, I finally got it hear. Big up!! Thanks so much! Thanks again! Using the combining overline is much easier: Wherever you insert combining characters, it will combine with the previous character.

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  • Thanks for those links, JCB. The first method about how to place a bar over a letter a versal is excellent, also in microsoft XP, when I use word. That Wikipedia article on macrons has a list of the various HTML entities to use to create one long, short, medium as well as over or under: There is an even better way to get a bar over a letter!

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    Of course this can only be done in LaTeX editors, something that Microsoft Word could never hold a light to…. I think I was the first who asked about how to make a bar above a letter, and in particular, a bar above a capital. I have used so much time for this problem, and what is more serious, I have had to waste as much time for two other people, and whatever recommendation I apply, the same error will return.

    I searched this tutorial to further do some work, like have one equation and there is one bar below the equation.

    Now i want to add text below the bar. How to do that? I loved your method one.

    How to Create an X Bar Symbol in Word: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

    I tried the 2nd one first, because someone else had described it — after 2 days of searching — the second method seemed to keep the over bar too high. The first method was so easy and I could save it. You are a true blessing. I will direct others to this site as I saw many people looking to do this, especially nurses and therapists in the health field.

    The easiest method is to use the feature that defines the spacing between 2 characters in font, under spacing. You can make any 2 characters or more overlap. So you can make a superscript bar overlap with any letter. There is a much easier way. There are many such shortcuts that make it easy and intuitive to enter equations. Hi, I knew about the insert equation. However, I need to add the bar accent on the heading 1 on c letter title of my thesis. However, once you get the hang of it, it is convenient and can be done fairly quickly. If you want to display the field code again at any point, just perform the procedure you performed to toggle to overlined text: Whenever you place the cursor in the text that was generated with the help of a field code, the text will appear in gray highlight, just like the field code that was used to generate it.

    If you want the overline to extend beyond the text on either side, simply add spaces on the side where you want it to extend. It can prove useful when you want to create lines for signatures with words under them.

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    The beauty of field codes is that they work in all versions of Word, whether on Mac or PC. The equation editor comes with its own quirks, which you may or may not want. For example, if you enter hyphenated words into the editor, there will be spaces before the dash as well as after it. That is because Word treats the dash as a minus since the object is an equation object.

    Now that the ruler is visible, you can change the indents for the paragraph. Place the cursor in the paragraph and position your mouse over any one of the markers for indent on the ruler. Click and drag the indent until the line is at your preferred length. Your line is now at the length you want it. If you would only like to add a bar over a single letter, then this method proves fast and convenient. Nicole is a business writer with nearly two decades of hands-on and publishing experience.

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    • The Field Code Method The field code method is probably the most technical way to add a bar over text ion word.